SCYTHE is the only platform that emulates real-world cyber attacks in your production environment at the procedural level while giving you the flexibility to customize campaigns and continuously sharpen your security teams’ skills.

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SCYTHE lets you act before threats attack

Running threat emulations every once in a while isn't enough to prepare your teams for future cyber attacks. 
SCYTHE lets you take a proactive approach to continuously assess your organization's cybersecurity risk, while allowing you to put in place remediation plans for security exposures and vulnerabilities.

In addition, SCYTHE’s Advanced Emulation Services (AES) team ensures you always have up-to-date industry knowledge and pre-programmed threat emulation plans that mimic what real threat actors are doing.

SCYTHE emulates attacks at the procedure level

SCYTHE’s scalable platform automates adversary emulations to continuously sharpen your team’s threat intelligence skills. 

This approach helps your team reduce detection and response rates and validates controls while prioritizing vulnerabilities so your teams can focus on managing your organization’s highest-risk issues.


SCYTHE meets the needs of every security user

Whether you're a new security analyst or a seasoned expert, SCYTHE can be customized to your needs.

SCYTHE lets you customize the complexity, duration, and frequency of emulations quickly and easily within the platform or, in a few clicks, import ready-made community threats to run in your environment.




Getting hacked is a question of WHEN,
not IF

Cyber attacks will happen no matter how you try to prevent them. SCYTHE allows security teams to proactively test and improve their defenses by realistically emulating threat behaviors prepare for breaches before they happen.
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You need to tackle high-risk issues

Automating mundane tasks for your security teams means they spend less time pushing buttons and resolving minor issues, and spend more time solving for your business’ highest-risk issues – which reduces your detection and response rates overall.

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We help extend your team's capabilities

It’s harder than ever to find the right people to build effective security teams. SCYTHE helps multiply your cyber capacity by optimizing the skills of the team you already have – so you can get more security coverage with less hiring budget.


Learn how SCYTHE uncovers your present and future cyber risks while sharpening Red and Blue teams' skills in a 30 min demo.