CISO Stressed Episode 8: Robert “RSnake” Hansen

On this episode of CISO STRESSED, SCYTHE Chief of Staff and Host Elizabeth Wharton is joined by Robert Hansen. Hansen is the Chief Technology Officer at Bit Discovery and a floating CISO for multiple companies. Wharton and Hansen jump right into discussing scans and vulnerabilities. Most vulnerabilities could have been stopped and did not fail on behalf of their innovative nature, but on behalf of human error or a common mistake. Hansen shares his ten biggest problems with Web Application Security, and the unfortunate decline of the average cyber employees’ capabilities. Hansen and Wharton define what true prioritization needs to look like within the security community and the importance of knowing where your assets are.

About Robert:

Robert is a 26-year veteran in computer security, known to many in the industry by handle ‘RSnake’. Robert started his career at eBay, where he was responsible for authentication as well as most anti-fraud systems and anti-phishing technologies. His work at eBay was later built into every modern web browser and is now protecting every Internet user as a result. His and consultancy, SecTheory, was at one point responsible for a third of all the top-ranked web vulnerabilities. Most recently, Robert's corporate intelligence platform, OutsideIntel, was acquired by Bit Discovery after which he became the CTO. Robert is also a floating CISO for multiple companies and sits on advisory boards of multiple technology and security companies such as Arkose Labs.