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Mimics real-world adversaries

SCYTHE elevates the concept of threat simulation across the incident lifecycle by offering production-safe threat emulation, which realistically mimics the strategies and techniques of real-world attackers while ensuring the safety of the organization's infrastructure.

Focus teams on what matters

Empowers cybersecurity teams to focus on what matters by offering a proactive, automated, and scenario-driven approach to security testing. This allows teams to concentrate on analyzing results, prioritizing risks, and continuously improving their security defenses.

Unify your red and blue teams

By promoting a holistic and collaborative cybersecurity strategy, enhancing the organization's overall cyber resilience. It leverages the strengths of both offensive and defensive teams to create a more robust and adaptive security posture.

Test and measure true MTTD/MTTR

By simulating real-world attack scenarios, it identifies weaknesses, streamlines incident response workflows, and supports continuous improvement in cybersecurity resilience.

Support Agent or Agentless Deployment

Enabling security teams to perform extensive threat emulations across various types of IT and OT/ICS assets and environments, including those where agent installation may not be feasible or desirable.

Integrate seamlessly to your security stack

Our solutions are designed to effortlessly integrate into any cybersecurity ecosystem, allowing organizations to leverage their current tools and processes while enhancing security through realistic simulations.

Cybersecurity Strategy with SCYTHE

Revolutionize your cybersecurity strategy with SCYTHE's cutting-edge BAS+ platform, offering unmatched threat emulation, versatile deployment options, and real-time threat intelligence for a proactive and comprehensive defense against emerging cyber threats.

Key Capabilities

Red Teaming

Red teaming support for understanding threats, prioritizing them effectively, and measuring the efficacy of cyber resilience measures to enhance defense capabilities. 

Improved Security

Security controls validation for optimized and improved security defense. Providing a controlled and realistic testing environment, enabling you to assess the effectiveness of security controls against actual threat scenarios.

Detection Engineering

Detection engineering for higher performing security detection (detect/alert/block). This proactive approach includes not only timely alerts but also the potential to block malicious activities, fortifying your defense against evolving cyber threats. 

Measuring MTTD/MTTR and SCYTHE's proactive approach reduces MTTD, ensuring faster response times to potential threats. SCYTHE also helps decrease MTTR, leading to minimized downtime and operational disruptions.
Performance Evaluations

Evaluating the performance of security partners or tools.

Our platform complements and enhances various security tools in your stack


Aligns with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) tools to test and improve endpoint security.

Security Information and Event Management

Enhances Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems by validating and refining correlation rules and alert thresholds.

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Provides realistic input for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) tools, optimizing incident response times.

Vulnerability Management

Takes Vulnerability Management (VM) a step further by emulating how real-world threats might exploit vulnerabilities, allowing for risk-based prioritization of remediation efforts.

SCYTHE's platform enables collaboration between red, blue, and purple teams to build and emulate real-world adversarial campaigns. For more information about the company's  service offering, download our overview datasheet.

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