Beyond the Assembly Line: Cyber Threats & Heavy Manufacturing

Proactive Cybersecurity for the Modern Manufacturing Landscape

Heavy manufacturing, where giants like auto manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, and even factories like glass production operate, is a prime target for cyber adversaries. These industries, pivotal to global economies, offer cybercriminals a tempting bullseye due to their intricate operations, economic importance, and potential for supply chain havoc. 

In an era of unprecedented transformation, the manufacturing industry is rapidly embracing connected digitalization, aiming for enhanced visibility, productivity and performance. Yet, this advance comes with considerable risks - an array of cybersecurity threats that accompany the digitalization of industrial processes. With manufacturing environments optimized for safety and productivity, security controls have often been overlooked.

The Impact of Cyber Threats


Operational Downtime

Cyber threats can affect production and supply chains, halting operations and resulting in financial losses and customer trust.


Safety Risks

Cyberattacks can compromise safety systems, leading to potential hazards and worker harm.


Supply Chain Disruption

Due to a reliance on complex supply chains, cyber incidents can disrupt the flow of materials and components, affecting broad industry sectors like medical supplies.


Intellectual Property Theft

The theft of proprietary designs, trade secrets, and intellectual property can lead to competitive disadvantage, costly legal action, or, worst case, pose risks to national safety and security.

How SCYTHE Can Help

SCYTHE's breach and attack emulation capabilities are designed to empower heavy manufacturing organizations by providing proactive threat analysis, prioritization, and comprehensive testing of their cybersecurity defenses. This allows organizations to continuously enhance their security posture, ensuring that their resources are efficiently allocated to address the most critical threats, with a specialized focus on both IT and OT/ICS environments.

  • Understand & Prioritize Threats

    SCYTHE's BAS+ emulation of real-world adversarial attacks provides invaluable contextual insight into the manufacturing industry’s potential threats.

  • Validate & Optimize Security Controls

    SCYTHE allows SOC teams to verify their security controls through production-safe threat emulation, realistically mimicking the strategies of malicious actors while ensuring the safety of their manufacturing infrastructure. 

  • Advance Cyber Security Maturity

    Purple Teaming empowers manufacturing to go beyond regulatory checkboxes with proactive cybersecurity practices.


SCYTHE simplifies & automates adversary attacks that can be customized to your preferred level of complexity.

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