Empowering Energy and Utilities through Impactful Threat Insights

We understand the unique cybersecurity hurdles utilities, energy companies, and oil & gas sectors face and the need to comply with regulations like NERC CIP, CFATS, FERC, and DHS CFAR. Cybersecurity is not just about protecting assets; it's about safeguarding public health and safety. Our platform mitigates industry-specific vulnerabilities and fortifies critical infrastructure. Malicious actors employ standardized strategies to compromise OT/ICS systems, underscoring the urgency for proactive measures. Our platform offers contextual threat insights, enabling proactive responses to the pervasive threat landscape.

2022 Stats: Critical Infrastructure Data Breach Costs Avg. $4.82M, $1M Higher Than Other Industries.

Challenges Faced by Critical Infrastructure

We possess a deep understanding of challenges faced by critical infrastructure and tailor custom solutions to address them effectively.

  • Interconnected Complexity: Critical infrastructure systems are increasingly interconnected, amplifying the potential impact of cyber-attacks.

  • High Availability Demands: Critical sectors cannot afford downtime. Any disruption can have cascading effects, impacting public services and public safety.

  • Hybrid IT/OT Environments: The convergence of IT and OT introduces security complexities, requiring tailored defense strategies.

  • Rising Cyber Threats: With the surge in cyber-attacks, from sophisticated hackers to hacktivists, the risk to critical infrastructure is escalating rapidly.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Pressures: Meeting compliance standards like NERC CIP, CFATS, FERC, and DHS CFAR adds an additional layer of complexity.

How SCYTHE Helps

SCYTHE’s core platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing security architecture, working in tandem with other critical platforms you may be utilizing such as EDR, SOAR, and specialized OT/ICS solutions like Dragos.


Identify and Understand


Conduct threat campaigns to help identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your OT/ICS infrastructure




Prioritize and Mitigate


Utilize insights from our threat campaigns to prioritize mitigation strategies effectively


Realistic Simulations


Emulate real-world attack scenarios, including lateral movement from IT to OT/ICS systems


Comprehensive Security


Seamlessly integrate SCYTHE with your existing security stack, ensuring a comprehensive security posture


In the evolving threat landscape, understanding and defending against attacks that target OT/ICS systems is critical. Trust SCYTHE for comprehensive OT/ICS security that safeguards your operations and minimizes risks. Our goal is to enhance your security posture and fortify your critical infrastructure against potential threats through a multi-faceted approach.

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