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Threat Thursday

April 25, 2024

Threat Thursday: April

This month's Threat Thursday delves into WinSxS Sideloading, which emulates actions taken by threat actors, the M365 SharePoint Document Spray…

March 21, 2024

Threat Thursday: March

This Threat Thursday delves into Ubuntu Endpoint Hygiene, the sophisticated malware strain AppleJeus and Bifrost, which poses a significant threat to…

February 22, 2024

Threat Thursday: February

This Threat Thursday delves into windows endpoint cyber hygiene, the worm-like malware Raspberry Robin & the cybercriminal group Scattered Spider.…

Unicorn Library

May 19, 2024

Quantifying Business Risk Reduction and ROI

Justifying Threat Emulation By The Numbers Today, businesses face the daunting task of not only defending against a myriad of cyber threats but also…

May 01, 2024

Storm Chasing: Defend Against Volt Typhoon with SCYTHE

Understanding and predicting an adversary's moves is critical to defense strategies in the cybersecurity landscape. Amid this backdrop, two entities…

April 22, 2024

TSA SD-02C: Critical Infrastructure Cyber Regulations

In response to escalating cybersecurity threats targeting the United State's critical pipeline infrastructure, including owners and operators of…


Offensive Cybersecurity Maturity

For security leaders looking to navigate this challenging landscape, developing a comprehensive, forward-looking strategy is essential.

Cybersecurity Fitness Guide

This annual cyber fitness guide is designed to help you baseline your cyber risk, validate cyber hygiene, assess your cyber readiness.

Red Team Operations Roadmap

This eBook serves as a comprehensive roadmap for organizations at any stage of their Red Team maturity.

Adversarial Behavior Detection

The threat landscape continues to evolve, driving continuous transformation across all industries, IT and OT/ICS professions, and regulations.

CISOs Guide to Purple Teaming

The SCYTHE Purple Team Exercise Framework (PTEF) provides a structured path for organizations to build...

Purple Team Exercise Framework

SCYTHE created a Purple Team Exercise Framework (PTEF) to facilitate the creation of a formal Purple Team Program...

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