SCYTHE and PlexTrac Team Up to Streamline Security Data

SCYTHE is excited to announce our integration with PlexTrac— available now! PlexTrac is a next generation platform for red and blue teams to collaborate effectively. PlexTrac aims to eliminate drudgery and maximize efficiency so you and your team can focus on the things that matter - keeping your organizations secure and data protected.

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With this new integration, data on attack emulation activities obtained using SCYTHE can be easily imported into the PlexTrac platform and aggregated with other risk identification sources to provide a holistic information security risk register. This integration also facilitates easy construction and execution of true purple team engagements while also supporting collaborative remediation and analytics on progress.  

Manage Data in One Integrated View - A Closer Look at the Integration

SCYTHE results are instantly imported into PlexTrac providing a rich graphical interface to review and enrich the data. Each team member can rapidly access the level of detail they need—all the way down to the raw SCYTHE data. Blue teams can collaborate on remediation approaches and track remediation efforts at the individual asset level, facilitating the mitigation through detective or preventive controls. Managers can assign severities, provide guidance, and assign work to technicians in a single platform. With PlexTrac’s analytics, SCYTHE data is integrated with results from all other sources to identify risk in the organization’s environment, such as scans, pentests, audits and assessments.

Below you can see screenshots of SCYTHE data in the PlexTrac platform:

A List of Findings from SCYTHE in PlexTrac:

The Preview Modal for a SCYTHE Finding:


View of Retained Raw Data

Move Toward a Purple Teaming Paradigm with PlexTrac

PlexTrac, Inc. is a fast-growing cybersecurity company driven by a mission to improve the security posture of organizations and security teams of all sizes. The PlexTrac solution is a software platform focused on streamlining the reporting and remediation of cybersecurity risks and aiding efficient collaboration within security teams. Supporting organizations using a purple teaming paradigm, PlexTrac serves as the central communication hub to aggregate all of the components of an organization’s cybersecurity program.

Continually Assess Risk Posture with SCYTHE

SCYTHE is disrupting the traditional approach to information security by taking cyber security assessments to the next level. The SCYTHE platform provides an advanced attack emulation platform for the enterprise and cybersecurity consulting market. The SCYTHE platform enables Red, Blue, and Purple teams to build and emulate real-world adversarial campaigns in a matter of minutes. Customers can validate the true risk exposure of their business and employees and the performance of enterprise security teams and existing security solutions.