Software Development Kit

As the leading platform for Purple Teaming, SCYTHE is proud to release version 3.0 and the new SCYTHE Software Development Kit! SCYTHE now offers an in-memory Python interpreter so developers can write modules entirely in Python. Operators will be thrilled to hear that the runtime and modules operate entirely in-memory without touching the disk. The Software Development Kit (SDK) gives developers a seamless module creation and validation experience.

Writing Modules in Python with SCYTHE SDK

From day one, we believed SCYTHE should be modular and customizable, hence the SDK to scale the platform to your needs. However, there was an aspect to our SDK we needed to account for: convenience. With great excitement the release of our latest SCYTHE SDK with Python support. This release provides everything you need to write modules in Python, including Module Buster, which will enable Module developers to quickly and easily create and validate Modules for use in  SCYTHE.

Modules in Minutes

Our goal for releasing the SCYTHE SDK alongside SCYTHE 3.0 is to enable the community to advance and share SCYTHE capabilities in an innovative ecosystem. You will not have to wait for the SCYTHE team to produce the module you are looking for or for your vendor to port their Python code to SCYTHE: you can develop these capabilities yourself in minutes! 

Module Buster

SCYTHE Module Buster, which can be used both in Graphical-Interface and Command-Line modes, not only creates the files and layout you need to get a simple module working, but  validates your Module through a test harness without needing access to SCYTHE. This allows developers to create and test Modules regardless of their purchase of or affiliation with the SCYTHE team.

A Market Full of Possibilities

Lastly, the SCYTHE SDK enables developers to prepare their custom Modules to be packaged, shared, and/or sold in the SCYTHE Marketplace! Module Vendors can set their own price and will have their Modules in front of participating SCYTHE customers.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about the SCYTHE platform, the SDK, and more, check us out at or visit our Github: 


SCYTHE provides an advanced attack emulation platform for the enterprise and cybersecurity consulting market. The SCYTHE platform enables Red, Blue, and Purple teams to build and emulate real-world adversarial campaigns in a matter of minutes. Customers are in turn enabled to validate the risk posture and exposure of their business and employees and the performance of enterprise security teams and existing security solutions. Based in Arlington, VA, the company is privately held and is funded by Gula Tech Adventures, Paladin Capital, Evolution Equity, and private industry investors. For more information email, visit, or follow on Twitter @scythe_io.