UniCon21 Recap

Fireside Chat: 1-10-60 Detection Metrics with Dmitri Alperovitch and Bryson Bort

Finding the Blindspots - Training, Tuning, and Showing Results with Ben Finke

Cool, the Purple Team exercise is done: Now What? with Daniel DeCloss  Founder & CEO PlexTrac

Planning for Tomorrow - Developing a Forward View to Security with Dave Kennedy

Threat Hunting with Sysmon - Binary Defense

Syscalls in C# - brought to you by Dynamic Invoke! with Jean-François Maes

Panel - How to Conduct Security Assessments on Critical Infrastructure

Big bad guys, compliance and a tiny budget with Urban Jonson, NMFTA

Purple Teams and the CURES Act, why they're needed for providing patients their data

Fireside Chat - Boundary Protection to Mitigate Occupational Burnout

Ron and Cyndi Gula presenting the winners from the Gula Foundation Grant at UniCon21.