Threat Thursday Buzz

This edition of Threat Thursday is buzzing with a few highlights from the cyber realm during the 4th quarter of 2023. In particular, we want to spotlight Microsoft's Digital Defense Report and the release of Version 14 for MITRE ATT&CK.

Microsoft's Digital Defense Report 2023

MDDR 2023 is the fourth annual release Microsoft has provided to the cyber community, highlighting the state of cybersecurity, the threats we face, and a look to the future.

SCYTHE Insights

This year's Digital Defense Report is an extensive and exceptionally well-curated look into the state of Cybersecurity through 2023. Microsoft has provided great insight through their data sources and CTI into this year's most prolific threats, cybercrime, continuous and new challenges we are all facing, and innovation leaps in defense that happened through 2023. It is worth a read, especially the section detailing Nation State actions. The image below shows just a few of the insights provided by Microsoft's team.



MITRE ATT&CK® Update (V14)

MITRE ATT&CK® is our trusty resource for all things threat mapping and helps provide practitioners the world over with a central resource for understanding threats, the techniques they use, and how to detect and respond to them.

SCYTHE Insights

At the end of October 2023, ATT&CK® released an update (V14) to the framework, introducing many changes to Techniques, Groups, Campaigns, and Software for Enterprise, Mobile, and ICS. This update improves the usability of the Changelog, introduces many new and revised techniques, and dramatically expands the detection notes and analytics sources accompanying each TTP. We are excited about the addition of Assets to the ICS mappings and how it will improve the inclusion of OT assets into the cyber discussion with common definitions and specific technique relationships. The image below outlines just some of the new technique additions to the Enterprise mappings!




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