SCYTHE and the ICS Village’s inaugural RSAC!

Whew. Who’s still recovering from RSAC 2018? GRIMM has been making appearances at the annual conference since launching in 2012. However, this was the inaugural visit for SCYTHE, GRIMM’s sister product company which launched last October, and the ICS Village, a non-profit the GRIMM and SCYTHE leadership helped launch this spring. And what a splash it was! In case you missed it, we were busy! Here’s a recap:

Howdy Neighbor and CROSSBOW in the RSAC Sandbox

It’s not news that Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are some of the most insecure. We believe that advocacy in securing ICS is the best place we can be putting our (outside of work) free time, so along with some other friends (ICS stalwarts: Tom VanNorman, Larry Vandenaweele, and Beau Woods), we launched the ICS Village non-profit in February. Then, we packed up the ICS range, and took it to the RSAC Sandbox. Interested in learning more about ICS security, or how the ICS village can help provide training or advocacy, please hit us up!

Meanwhile, although Howdy Neighbor, GRIMM’s Internet of Things (IoT) capture the flag (CTF)-like challenge, is no stranger to the conference scene, it did make its first RSAC appearance. Hackers and security researchers from across the globe tested their skills against the 30+ built in IoT security challenges. While Howdy Neighbor has been hitting the conference circuit for more than a year now, to date, iToastr, the flagship “hard” challenge, has yet to be solved! Call to hackers going to DEFCON - make this your top prioritity!

It’s not all fun and games! The SCYTHE team was busy demoing CROSSBOW, a tool that allows you to continuously assess your own risk posture and exposure. Too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it - read about it yourself here. Interested in a demo? Hit us up!

Meanwhile, CEO & Founder of SCYTHE, Bryson Bort, spoke in Sandbox about IoT and why everyone, consumers and vendors alike, need to pay better attention to IoT security challenges. In addition to cybersecurity, IoT implicates private citizens’ safety and privacy.

Party central!

MAYHEM! We co-hosted an epic party at the historic San Francisco Mint with our friends Bugcrowd. Did you try the CROSSBOW punch? Hacker juice at its finest.

And seriously, don’t GRIMM and SCYTHE clean up nicely? It takes a village to provide such a good experience to attendees in something like the RSAC Sandbox. Providing real, hands-on experience is what we’re passionate about - many thanks to these fine folks and RSAC to make that a reality!

Looking forward to RSAC 2019. See you there!